Choose the type of website that will help you achieve your goals in the best way.


Determine the type of site that will help you achieve Your goals in the best way.

Design (2)TemplateUniqueUniqueTemplate / Unique
Pages quantity (3)<101<100>100
Content Management System (CMS) (4)
Technical support (5)1 month1 month1 month1 month
Hosting (1 month free bonus) (6)
Setting up Google Analytics,
Yandex Metrika
Price >3 000$ >5 000$ >10 000$ >10 000$


A well-established process of creating a site requires passing a number of stages to achieve a high-quality result.

Заполнение брифа, подготовка ТЗ, подписание договора

Filling out the brief, preparing the requirements, signing the contract

We brainstorm with the client, determine key priorities, and fill out a questionnaire .

The questionnaire will help us to clarify the aspects that are necessary to start developing a website. Then we create a detailed technical specification and sign the contract.

Проектирование интерфейса и создание дизайна

Projecting interface design and design creation

The main part of the work begins with the preparation of schematic sketches of the appearance of the website (prototyping). Prototypes of site pages will give the Customer an excellent opportunity to see the final result and make adjustments before the designer starts working.

After approving the outline with the Customer, the web designer will give the design an appearance.

Верстка и программинг

Layout creation and

At this stage, our web designers and programmers turn the created website design into html code.

Create css styles and develop special modules or components at the Customer's request, then integrate them with the site's content management system (CMS).

Тестирование и публикация

Testing and publishing

After completing the main site development, we check and test the created site and invite the Customer to participate in testing.

Thanks to this, we achieve high-quality results. After making the final edits, we place the created website on a hosting service that we recommend to our clients or that is offered by the Customer.

Дополнительная настройка

Additional setting

This stage usually includes a number of works that are necessary for customers who plan to sell via the Internet.

Installing and configuring web Analytics counters, setting up conversion tracking, installing online chat or call-tracking systems.

Оптимизация и техническая поддержка

Optimization and technical support

Often, after the site is developed, the client may have requests that were not taken into account at the project preparation stage.

During this stage, we implement such requests, as well as offer the customer to use technical support services.


We use a wide range of web development technologies.


  • The cost of developing a website directly depends on the needs of the Customer and their business. We prepare for the Customer a detailed estimate of the site development , which will allow you to understand what its money is spent on.
  • When evaluating the cost of the project, we proceed from the cost of 1 hour of work of our company's professionals.
  • for simplicity, we offer to choose from a number of standard packages (such as a business card site or a corporate site), but if necessary, we adapt the estimate to fit specific request.
  • The above prices include only basic works, in addition to which we recommend our clients to purchase a number of additional services , such as technical support or preparing the site for further promotion of products and services in the network.
  • to get an estimate of the cost of work, we usually ask potential clients to fill in website creation brief .


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