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“Marketing strategy“ is a logical scheme of marketing events, with the help of which the company hopes to fulfill its marketing tasks” (F. Kotler)

A marketing strategy consists of three parts:

  • Target markets. The marketing strategy should accurately identify the market segments in which the company should focus its efforts.
  • Marketing mix. Define hotel strategies for such elements of the marketing mix as new products and services, distribution channels, advertising, sales promotion, prices and distribution of goods.
  • The level of marketing costs. The marketing budget necessary to implement all the strategies outlined above.

Our company specializes in developing effective strategies in the field of Internet marketing. We will help you create a balanced marketing mix that will show the maximum return for almost any size of the marketing budget.

In the process of developing a strategy, we will help answer the most important questions for your business and help introduce a cycle of strategic marketing planning:

  1. Understanding of the market, specifics, market environment.
  2. Identification of goals, objectives and possible approaches to promotion on the Internet.
  3. Toolkit selection. Prioritization Budgeting.
  4. Operational control and analysis of results.

Advertising (from Latin Reclamare - “to affirm, exclaim, shout, call out”) is a form of marketing communication that helps convince the audience to decide on the purchase of goods or services of a particular manufacturer or supplier . Advertising helps to achieve the business goals of our customers and fulfill the sales plan. A wide range of advertising channels attracts the attention of the target audience to the brand.

The most important aspect of effective marketing of any company is the right balance between advertising channels. The most targeted and striking target is contextual advertising, acting on the maximum reach of the target audience is media advertising.

The most common advertising tools:

  • Search engine advertising or Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
    Search engine optimization, contextual advertising, display advertising, remarketing and retargeting, affiliate networks: Google Network and Yandex Advertising Network
  • Advertising on social networks
    Facebook.com, Vk.com, Odnoklassniki.ru, LinkedIn.com, etc.
  • Mobile advertising
    Advertising in applications (iOs, Android), contextual advertising, SMS / MMS, Mobile Internet
  • Affiliates
    CPA Networks, Affiliate Marketing

Quality advertising should be targeted, effective, measurable. Promotion on the Internet implies a set of measures aimed at expanding the presence of information about goods and services on the Internet.

Web Development is the process of creating a website or web application. The main stages of the process are web design development, page layout, web programming of the client interface and server part, as well as configuration of the web server.

We develop web projects of varying complexity from landing pages to promote a particular service to online stores with hundreds of thousands of items. We strive to use open platforms for development (Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.), but also work with proprietary systems (Bitrix, Umi CMS, etc.). And to create complex web services and web applications, we can offer both solutions based on the latest frameworks, and development from scratch.

Typical projects in the field of Web development for us are:

  • Landing Page
  • Online Store
  • Corporate website
  • Portals
  • Customized Solutions

Production of advertising materials is a task facing any company that promotes its products or services. The quality of promotional materials has a significant impact on sales, so we are happy to help our customers.

We create high-quality advertising materials for our customers, such as:

  • Advertising banners (including flash)
  • Identity development, branding
  • Web Design
  • Writing sales texts and copywriting
  • Create a promotional video

Web analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis, presentation and interpretation of information about website visitors in order to measure the effectiveness of marketing efforts, website optimization.

Web analytics tools such as Yandex.Metrica and Google Analytics allow you to examine user behavior on your website, find bottlenecks and optimize conversion rates. Website usability analysis based on web analytics data will optimize the website structure, reduce the bounce rate and increase sales of your goods or services.

We are ready to offer you our extensive experience in this field, you will receive a lot of useful advice from our analysts, which will allow you to achieve better results while maintaining a budget.

  • Sales Funnel Analysis: CPC / CPA / CPL / CPS
  • HeatMap-based usability optimization
  • Conversion Chain Analysis
  • E-commerce analytics
  • Implementing Google Tag Manager
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Integration with CRM
  • E-Mail Campaign Analytics

We suggest you conduct an audit of the quality of the website, configure advertising campaigns, correctly configure web analytics counters, and much more.

We promptly help our and not only clients solve problems with websites, advertising campaigns, web analytics and many others. If you have any problems in the Internet or digital marketing, you can contact our technical support service ( [email protected] ) and we will quickly solve your problem problem.

We provide technical support in accordance with the ITIL concept, built on a process approach.

We are ready to provide

  • Support on request (Call out)
    You can contact us with any one-time request, we will promptly provide you with technical assistance.
  • Service Technical Support (for a certain period)
    As part of the support for the sites we developed earlier, we provide both free and paid packages for providing support for a certain period.

Our principles

  1. Honesty and

    We work for the benefit of the business of our clients, each client receives from us a lot of advice and ideas that contribute to the development of the business.

  2. Experience and

    Our team of professionals owns and uses an extensive tool of Internet marketing, monitors trends and best practices in the industry.

  3. Honesty and

    We openly point out to our clients the pros and cons of certain solutions and approaches, we provide high-quality reporting and analytics.

  4. Flexibility and

    We always promptly respond to customer requests and wishes. We understand our customers and take care of long-term trusting relationships.


Thanks to our partners, we offer the best conditions to our customers.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do you have a question that we forgot to cover here? Write to us, we will take into account and possibly add it to the list.

Indeed, what is the fair value of design, web development and website development, advertising and promotion services services on the Internet? How to determine the optimal budget?
We offer our potential and existing customers the following prerequisites: Operational margin (gross margin) of any business in the Russian Federation at least 30% . Thus, a "safety margin" of a business or a share of marketing and advertising expenses (the so-called DDR) can be up to 30% of Revenue when the business is focused on achieving short-term goals . In the case when a company enters the market, launches a new product or has a weak brand, its share (DDR) can vary and even exceed the size of the Revenue, which is quite obvious and natural.
This situation is quite common among our potential customers. Customers think about changing their current or hiring a new agency when they feel a lack of quality leads from online advertising.
So, what to do ? The first thing you need to understand: how well-tuned advertising campaigns, web analytics, creative design and much more. How effectively is the existing marketing mix used, are all channels involved? As part of the audit (as well as within the framework of the Free Audit), on the basis of some checklists, we check the quality and prepare for our (potential) customers an action plan for the development of the direction of digital marketing in the company. At the same time, do not forget about the parameters that are not directly controlled by digital marketing, such as the product offered by your company to the market (its features, quality compared to competitors, positioning, geography, etc.), level of competition, including . level of marketing expenses of yours in comparison with competitors. It should be borne in mind that the vast majority of advertising tools use the auction model of pricing the cost of contact with the audience, i.e. the more your competitors are willing to pay for contact with the audience, the more expensive the contact will cost you.
The maximum effect or ROI,% of the used budget for digital marketing for a business can be achieved by repeated iterative optimization with a fairly stable level of competition to occupy or keep the target market share feasible for your marketing budget. Along with this, the used marketing tools should allow one to have the ability to conduct quality marketing measurements, including using end-to-end analytics. By managing what you can measure, and by measuring as much as possible, you can reach new heights in Marketing Management.


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